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About Us :

Applications :

Lighting, Advertising, Building, Furnishing, Agriculture, Automobiles, Electric, Electronics, Marine, Defence & Aviation, Aquarium, Industrial Safety, Sanitary, glazing, Murals, Stationeries, Gifts, Cutleries & Crockeries, Jewelleries, Novelties, Sports, Optical, Medical, Packaging, Hardwares and appliances. We choose the food Industry for Hygiene purposes. Our Product is mainly for presentation & Hygiene. We make the food containers to keep on the top of the counters as well as Inside.

Destination :

All food points viz., Sweet stalls, Coffee & Tea, Bars, Snack counters, Bakery, Hotel, Restaurant, Canteens, Hostel Mess, Caterings, Buffet Parties etc., By using our products you can avoid Airborne diseases.

History :

  • This is our family Business who are Pioneers in South for a Long Periods over 60 years. Sriplast’s inception is Since 1987.
  • For first 10 years, we were one of the leading suppliers of lighting shades for all Railway, Roadways companies.
  • Now, we are the Monopoly in this product. Although this is a small and restricted field, we are the NO.1 Brand in India.
  • Initially we were heavily supported by our parents, Brothers, Relatives, Friends and Mentors, and now by family members.
  • Today, we are Specialized in this track and have a Sophisticated knowledge of this industry in the fingertip. We regularly update our facilities, Modify techniques, Introduce new models and Reinforce our infrastructures, with a long vision. We will achieve our goals with targeting new projects.


  • Counter Top Containers
  • Dust Free
  • Flies Free
  • Beautiful Present
  • Transparent Look
  • Must for All Food
  • Counters
  • Premium Quality
  • Unique Designs
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